Moog, Inc.

Tri-Tek provides numerous cable and harness assemblies for the RIwP (Reconfigurable Integrated - weapons Platform) and Turreted weapons systems.

hellfire missile

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Tri-Tek partnered with LMC to engineer and design bulk cable used in mission-readiness training and simulation programs including:

  • C-130 Aircrew Training Systems

Harris Corporation

Tri-Tek provides numerous cable, harness and in-line RF assemblies for the following programs:

  • NSC-9
  • Red Buffalo
Coast Guard Vessel

Northrop Grumman

Tri-Tek is a major supplier for the following programs:

  • FBCB2 - Blue Force Tracking
  • AARGM - Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile
  • GMLRS - Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems
  • JAGM - Joint Air-to-Ground Missile

BAE Systems

Tri-Tek provides numerous cable and harness assemblies for:

  • Bradley Fighting Vehicles
  • ACV1.1 - Amphibious Combat Vehicle
  • CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • T50 Golden Eagle Supersonic Advanced Trainer
Coast Guard Vessel