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Force XXI Battle Command
Brigade and Below (FBCB2)

Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2)

The United States Army developed a program that readily identifies "friendly" force from "hostile" forces on the modern battlefield. In the current age of technology, it is vital to have real time situational awareness of what is ocurring with our troops on the ground, in the air or on the sea. With the FBCB2 program, this is now a reality.

Tri-Tek Electronics Inc. has been involved intimately with this program and helped develop the main cable utilized to run the entire program since the late 90's. Along with providing the bulk cable for this program, Tri-Tek also provides many different cable assemblies that are vital to the success of this program. Troop safety is our main concern and with our continued support for this system, Tri-Tek is one of the leaders in combat support.

Tri-Tek Electronics Inc. is a proud team member of the unmanned surveillance vehicles. Assisting program Engineers, we have assisted in streamlining the vehicle cable requirements. As one of the primary programs utilized by many facets of our military, Predator Drones are keeping our soldiers out of harms way.