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High Speed Bow Twisters

Tri-Tek has braiding machines to further service your cable needs which insures in house control of your shielding requirements; As well as the ability to install reinforcement fiber for cable protection.

  • Two 8 carrier braiding machines
  • Three 16 carrier braiding machines
  • Three 24 carrier braiding machines
  • Two 36 carrier braiding machines
  • Two 48 carrier braiding machines
  • One 64 carrier braiding machines
  • Two spooling machines
From 6 carrier braiders to our large 60 carrier braider, if you have multiple size cable diameters, we can provide the coverage needed. We can provide whatever coverage is called out for our customers, based on the number of braiding machines we have in our facility.

Tri Tek Electronics utilizes Wardwell and Sumitomo braiding machines for many different types of shield over braiding. Tin coated copper is one of the featured shielding requirements that we can provide total cable coverage for our customers.